Koinonia Family Services specializes in providing programs and services that are designed to address the special challenges faced by today's abused and neglected children and young people. We work closely with County workers and administrators to provide solutions that best fit each counties individual needs. We have great pride in working closely with California and Nevada Counties, as we feel they know the needs of their area better than anybody else.

With a strong focus on clinical, quality, and consistency we have developed seven wonderful programs to treat, support and improve the lives of foster children, adoptive children, group home children, and at-risk youth and families. Koinonia is also a industry leader in representing the interests and rights of children and young people in "the system" through regulatory and legislative advocacy. While foster care and adoption accounts for the largest part of our organization, we continue to grow our other programs in a effort to give placed children a better future and keep at-risk children from joining the "system" all together. Use the menu to get more detailed information about each of our programs.

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