About Us

“Koinonia” (Koy-no-nee’-ah) is a Greek word which means “fellowship.” It carries with it the meaning of a committed, trustworthy and dependable relationship. It is this “koinonia” relationship that has made the difference in the lives of thousands of foster children.

Our History

Koinonia Family Services was founded on February 3, 1982 and is a state-licensed, non-profit public service organization and became nationally accredited by CARF in 2016. During its 40-year history, Koinonia’s caring and compassionate staff and families have helped thousands of needy children begin a new life. Its headquarters is located in Loomis, California, a small suburban community located about 25 miles northeast of Sacramento. Koinonia’s growth has expanded across California and Nevada to better serve the community. With 32 sub offices in 22 cities we are able to provide services to numerous counties. Over the years, Koinonia has grown and now offers many services to children. To better represent the services and programs we offer, our company name was changed from Koinonia Foster Homes to Koinonia Family Services in 2006. Our current programs include: Foster Care (including intensive services foster care, emergency foster care, special health care needs, nonminor dependents, therapeutic foster care, and specialized treatment foster care in Nevada), Adoption, and Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Programs. Our homes for Teens program serves Kaiser Permanente through Crisis Residential and Behavioral Health sites, and our Placer County Crisis Resolution serves non-adjudicated youth and their families with early intervention and prevention services.

Our Agency

The agency works in cooperation with county social service agencies who remove children from their homes due to neglect, abandonment, abuse, delinquency, guardian absence or voluntary placement. The county refers children to private agencies like Koinonia for placement in a program that will best meet their needs. When Koinonia receives a call for placement of a child, our staff and county placement worker assess their needs to determine the most appropriate home or program. When a child is placed in a Koinonia certified home, the family receives monthly monetary reimbursement for the care of the child, 24-hour support services by master’s level social work staff, continuous specialized training and support for all the child’s emotional, physical and spiritual needs. The duration of time a child is in a home is usually determined by the initial assessment of the child. The length of time children are in placement can vary from short-term, up to six months, to long term, up to several years, in addition to guardianship or adoption. Koinonia works diligently to serve as the voice of and information source for our families, children, staff and counties. Koinonia strives to be better informed, managed, governed and represented at all levels of care with strong, vibrant and diverse programming.

Family is the cornerstone of society and our primary focus. Our commitment is exemplified by optimism, resilience, determination, hard work and unconditional love.

Health Plan Transparency Disclosures

Following the Transparency in Coverage rule, Koinonia Family Services has made available the machine-readable files for Blue Shield of CA and Kaiser Permanente.

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Blue Shield of California

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