Keeping Family Together

Approximately two-thirds of foster children in the United States have a sibling in care.

By nature, foster care can be unpredictable, with circumstances constantly in flux. Family preservation is always the ultimate goal, if possible, and keeping siblings together is a crucial piece to that puzzle. Many times the only constant a child has in their life is their sibling. In fact, siblings place together are more likely to feel secure and have an easier time adjusting to their new environment.

A sibling is often the longest-standing relationship an individual has in their lifetime. By choosing to open your home to a sibling set, you can nurture this important relationship and partner with Koinonia in family preservation.

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What is Family Preservation?

Over the years, many pieces of legislation have been passed to promote family preservation.

Family preservation refers to the collective efforts and movement to keep biological families intact and treat out-of-home placement as the last resort rather than the first option. If a child must be removed from home due to child abuse or neglect, they are to be placed in the least restrictive, most family-like environment available. Ideally, this family-like environment would include members of the biological family (i.e., siblings). Keeping siblings together not only supports the philosophy of family preservation, but it’s also the best option for the psychological and emotion well-being of the foster youth we serve.

What Type of Support Do Koinonia Families Receive?

We provide the support of a professional Case Worker who is a resource and coordinates the child’s treatment plan with Koinonia parent(s).

Our parents are provided on-going group, individual, and online training, as needed.

All Koinonia foster children are given medical and dental care, and a monthly allowance. Koinonia provides monetary reimbursement for each foster child placed in your home.

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