August is here, which means school is just around the corner! We know the transition from summer back to the school year can be a time full of excitement and emotion. Occasionally it can be a big struggle and adjustment for families, but we are here to support you in this process as much as possible. 

Below are 5 more back-to-school tips to follow last year’s!

Be Prepared

Making the children in your home feel prepared, not only physically but also emotionally, for the first day back to school is a huge part of making them feel confident and comfortable. Returning to school can be stressful, and providing youth and those around them with the tools to feel equipped and prepared can help calm a lot of their nerves. Here is a great checklist to help everyone get ready for the first day back!  

Keep Your Children Active

Summer can be full of physically engaging activities and it is important to continue keeping children moving once school starts up again. There are many ways to keep youth and your family active during the school year. Here are some tips for you this school year.

Be Involved

Being involved in a child’s education can be a pivotal point in their experience in school. One of the many benefits of being involved in your child’s education is having the opportunity to know what they are learning, so you can involve it in their home life as well. Read here the great benefits of being involved in your youths’ education.

Revive A Sleep Routine

Sleep is such an important part of education, mental health, and keeping a routine. Creating a healthy sleep routine also teaches children how important it is to prioritize this area in their life. Here is some more information on why a sleep routine is so important for children.

Be Consistent

Consistency instills confidence and a sense of safety for children. Being a steady presence in a youth’s life not only makes them feel like they can depend on you, but it also teaches them how to build structure in their own life. Read more about why consistency is important.

See below for last year’s tips!

Lanni Jackson, Contributor


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