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Becoming a Koinonia Parent

There is nothing more rewarding in this world than helping a child in need.

Being a Koinonia parent means you will be a part of an organization with very high standards and expertise in helping children in need. Children in foster care have been exposed to various forms of trauma and we need you to work with us and help these children. As a Koinonia parent you might be the first person in their life to truly love and care for them.

This is not always easy, but you will have a team of individuals to help you along the way. All of our children have individualized plans that are established to best serve the child. We work together as a team to provide hope and healing to the children in our care. These children need loving and patient parents and we ask that you consider becoming a child’s greatest hope.

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Some of the requirements of becoming a Koinonia parent are, but not limited to:

  • You must have room for a child in your home. If your situation is unique, contact us and we can discuss what’s allowed.
  • Must be financially self-supporting.
  • Your house will be checked for safety.
  • Basic health screening to ensure you can care for a child.
  • Background checks for you and any adult living in your home.
  • Family evaluation and interviews must be completed with Koinonia staff.
  • You will be prepared with excellent training to take on this challenge (18 hours in California, 30 in Nevada).
  • There is extensive paperwork, but we will walk you through the entire process.

The Support of a Professional Case Worker

Koinonia provides the support of a professional Case Worker who is a resource and coordinates the child’s treatment plan with the Koinonia parent(s).

Our parents are provided ongoing group, individual, and online training, as needed.

All Koinonia foster children are given medical and dental care and a monthly allowance. Koinonia provides monetary reimbursement for each foster child placed in your home.

Have more questions about foster care? Visit our FAQ page for answers.

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