Koinonia's 9th Annual Golf Tournament
Koinonia's 9th Annual Golf Tournament
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Ranked Number One Foster Care Agency in California

Ranked #1
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Foster Care

Being a Koinonia parent means you will be a part of an organization with very high standards and expertise in helping children in need. Children in foster care have been exposed to various forms of trauma; our staff is here to equip you to help these children heal and thrive.

As a Koinonia parent, you might be the first person in a child’s life to truly love and care for them.


Koinonia’s Adoption Program primarily assists families who are interested in the private adoption process. We also assist families who wish to adopt through the foster care system (also known as fost-adopt). In cases where reunification is not possible, our adoption program staff work in partnership with our foster care program staff to provide a waiting child with a loving, permanent family. The fost-adopt process substantially reduces the costs usually associated with adoption and helps the children who need it most.

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We’ve made it simple for you to contribute using easy online options on our website. You’ll find flexible donation options for individuals, organizations or corporations looking to make a difference.

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"Everyone at Koininia is wonderful! They are so very kind, knowledgeable, and efficient. The classes were enjoyable and every staff member is a delight!"


– Hilary Klose, Fresno, CA

Koinonia News

A Perfect Match

Dolores G., a cherished Koinonia resource parent, was also a middle school Campus Supervisor who had many years of experience in caring for teen boys. Dolores has long understood the value of structure and consistency for youth in foster care, and she prioritized...

8 Ways to Honor Black History Month

Black History Month has been celebrated in America since 1970. In February 1969, educators and students involved in the Black United Student Organization at Kent State University proposed for an entire month dedicated to celebrating Black history in America. The first...

Selfless Love: The Jackson Family Story

Marie always knew she wanted to be a mom. The Jacksons started as a family of 6, traveling often and very close-knit. The parents of the household, Marie and Robb, owned a clothing line for most of the kids' young childhood. Marie homeschooled their 4 children while ...

A Wish Come True

Mike and Erin’s marriage has been filled with fun and adventure. In just the first couple of years of their marriage, they went on several road trips together with pups in tow, visited Walt Disney World, and even traveled abroad to Europe. Beyond traveling and...

Common Misconceptions About Private Adoption

There are many misconceptions about private adoption. Whether you are a parent looking to make an adoption plan for your child, a family trying to decide how you would like to go about adopting, or just someone looking for more information - we would like to share...

Caleb’s Story

In a world that feels uncertain, parents have the unique quality of being a permanent figure in a child’s life. They are the ones we count on to show up through every high and every low. They can be looked to for emotional support, and provide a good sounding board as...

The More the Merrier

Miguel and Maria Salcedo became resource parents in hopes of taking in a sibling set with an infant. Originally, they only wanted two children, but they decided to take a leap and open their hearts and home to a sibling set of three: Noah (3), Aurora (2), and Nicholas...

Koinonia Testimonials 2022

The Seipp Family “McKinley and Carter's social worker called our agency, Koinonia, because she had another Koinonia family and loved them. She was looking for a very special home for them. We met McKinley and Carter while they were in respite (short-term) care and...

A Family With “Fuller” Hearts

What inspires someone to become a foster parent? It’s usually a combination of awareness, compassion, and an extra push somewhere along the way. For Steve and Jeannie Fuller, it seemed as if foster care and adoption was what they were always meant to do. Adoption was...

Introducing Koinonia’s New Executive Director

April 20, 2022 Koinonia Family Services is pleased to announce that Dr. Tiffany Sickler has been selected by the Board of Directors as its new Executive Director. With extensive qualifications and 15 years of management experience in the field of children and family...

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Koinonia Family Services is a nationally accredited, premier foster and adoption agency with over 39 years of experience and offices throughout California and Nevada.

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Ranked Number One Foster Care Agency in California.

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