Holidays can bring about a range of emotions for children in foster care, but they can also provide some of the best memories. It is imperative that we create positive and affirming experiences so that children can feel seen, valued, and supported, all while giving them memorable traditions and activities to do this Easter. Participating in activities that include the whole family teaches teamwork and helps the overall morale of the household. Here are some fun ideas to bring your kiddos joy and make this Easter special!

Make Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

If you’re looking for an easy Easter craft, this toilet paper roll bunny craft is perfect. Using toilet paper rolls is such a low-cost, fun trick to easy crafting. Each bunny can be unique and kids will love adding their own personal touch to their paper roll bunny!

Cardboard Spring Bunnies | Crafts for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents

Do The Bunny Hop

The Easter Bunny Hop Game is such a quick and energy-releasing activity. It can be played solo or as a relay race for two teams or more. Create a starting line and finish line with chalk or a rope in the grass. Taking turns, each player must cover a certain distance jumping with a plastic, stuffed or styrofoam egg between their knees.

Potato Easter Egg Stamping Craft

Looking for a fun and unique craft to keep the kiddos busy? This is the one for you! Grab a few extra potatoes during your Easter dinner grocery shopping, and let the kids get to painting. 

Easter Egg Potato Stamping Craft for Kids – Crafty Morning

Decorate Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs is the highlight of spring for many kids. It is a fun family project that can be taken to the next level by using many creative ways to decorate. If you have children 4 years old and older, this is a great tradition to begin with your kiddos.

Over 20 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids – Mum In The Madhouse

Read Easter-Themed Books

Books are such an easy way to get in the Easter spirit! Order a few books for you and your family to read this holiday. 

25 Best Easter Books for Toddlers, Kids, and Families for 2023

Easter Sponge Painting

Sponge painting is the perfect toddler craft to do this Easter! It only takes a few supplies and will keep the kiddos entertained for hours. Your kids can choose any Easter-themed shape for their sponges and have many opportunities to be creative.

Easter Sponge Painting – The Best Ideas for Kids

Bunny Hop Sack Race

Ready to get outside and get some sunshine? Turn a burlap sack into hours of Easter fun! Set up each player with a sack — decked out with a bunny tail — and have them hop their way to the finish line.

Make a Healthy Easter-Themed Snack

What’s not to love about cute snacks? Gather the family in the kitchen and work together to make some yummy snacks for the day.

Healthy Easter Snack Crafts for Kids – Southern Made Simple

Create An Easter Sensory Basket

Sensory toys in a basket can play a huge part in developing a baby’s concentration skills and assisting them in making simple choices. A baby’s hand/eye coordination and the development of fine motor skills are also promoted when using a sensory basket! 

24 Easter Sensory Bins – Happy Toddler Playtime

Easter Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are the perfect way to get kids reading, working as a team and moving around the house. This is a great way to celebrate Easter with your older kiddos this spring!

Easter Scavenger Hunt (with free printable) – The Best Ideas for Kids

Lanni Jackson, Contributor


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