November 18, 2019

Since June, Koinonia staff members have been attending trauma-informed trainings, led by Alvarado Consulting & Treatment Group, with the most recent training taking place on November 1. In the scope of our agency’s history, the trainings were unprecedented in the way they brought together such a wide range of staff for one, unified purpose. Trainees participated in group exercises and learned how to utilize an Emotional Regulatory Healing (ERH) approach. One of the goals of the training was to establish a shared mental model, as well as a universal language for trauma-informed care.

Our executive director, Sam Golden, feels Koinonia’s potential for growth and expertise is boundless, especially after the Alvarado Training. “We’re entering an important stage as an agency as we implement a trauma-informed approach across all of Koinonia’s programs. It is a big shift from the old behavior modification model, but we are rising to the challenge because it’s our responsibility to provide the best, most effective care to every single child and parent we serve. We appreciate the practical guidance and wealth of knowledge Jules Alvarado provided through her training. Her partnership is invaluable as Koinonia continues the journey to become a more effective agency.”

Alvarado Consulting & Treatment Group was founded by Jules Alvarado in 2007. Jules is a foster/adoptive mother, internationally sought out therapist, speaker and trainer in the healing of trauma.

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