The Seipp Family

“McKinley and Carter’s social worker called our agency, Koinonia, because she had another Koinonia family and loved them. She was looking for a very special home for them. We met McKinley and Carter while they were in respite (short-term) care and they moved in with us shortly afterward. We adopted them after 14 months! They have brought so much joy to our lives. They are brave and adventurous, so we are a family that loves amusement parks, camping, swimming, paddle boarding, and anything outdoors! We’ve now been an ‘official’ family for over 3 years.”


The Hettinga Family

“Adoption has been such a blessing for us all. I can’t imagine life without the two we adopted. All of our kids give spice to our lives and we all learn from each other because God created us all differently with unique personalities and strengths. Our daughter is our only extrovert and she has stretched us to be more social. We have made great friendships because she taught us how to reach out to others. Our son is a little inventor and he has taught us how to think outside the box, using someone’s trash to create new ‘adventures’. Thank you Koinonia for all of your support through three and a half years of foster care and the adoption process.”


The Goodheart Family

Kadi and Chuy came to Koinonia with the sole intention to foster and provide a safe space for displaced youth. Little did they know this big, beautiful forever family was in their future!

Their foster care journey started in 2015, and they recently finalized the adoption of their sixth adorable child. They have let the kids pick their middle names, and since one of the boys picked a superhero (Spiderman), the other ones followed suit with Hulk, Batman, and Wolverine. 

Kadi reflects on their journey over the last seven years:

“The process of fostering and adoption has created our family. We went into this to just bridge the gap and foster, but we ended up adopting 6 kids!”

We are so grateful for the incredible people like Chuy and Kadi who are willing to open their hearts and homes to kids in need. It may not be easy, but it is always worth it.



Jasmyne is a Marketing Coordinator at Koinonia’s Corporate Office in Loomis, California. She is passionate about pursuing health in all areas of life: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Her favorite thing about working for Koinonia is the opportunity to use her writing skills and support such a worthwhile mission.

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