Foster or Adopt A Teen

Impact The Life Of A Youth In Need

Nearly a quarter of the approximately 442,995 youth in foster care are age 14 and older

Too often we assume the kids in need of a home are all in grammar school or younger, but this is not the case. There is a massive need for resource parents to open their home to teens and give them a safe, supportive place to find their identity, to heal, and become successful, thriving adults. Imagine the impact we could have on the next generation if more foster and adoptive parents poured into the lives of teenagers. There is a unique opportunity to be a part of what will become a person’s most memorable time; coming-of-age experiences can be some of the most important and exciting moments in a young person’s life!

Young Adults Need Love Too

Infinity’s Story

Teens in foster care need family support just like any other teen. Without family support, foster teens experience the following:

  • 10% have their own children by age 19 and an additional 28% have a children by age 21
  • 20% are referred to substance abuse treatment by age 19 and an additional 13% between 19 and 21
  • 38% are incarcerated by age 19 and an additional 27% by age 21.
  • 62% are unemployed at age 19 and 47% are unemployed by age 21

Many are homeless, and on average, are approached by human traffickers within 72 hours of being on the streets.

You can make a difference in these statistics by becoming a foster or adoptive parent. This generation of teens need consistency, love and a chance to learn their potential. Please consider giving of your time and your heart to a teen in need.

What Type of Support Do Koinonia Families Recieve?

We provide the support of a Professional Case Worked who is a resource and coordinates the child’s treatment plan with Koinonia parent(s).

Our parents are provided on-going group, individual, and online training, as needed.

All koinonia foster children are given medical dental care, and a monthly allowance, Koinonia provides monetary reimbursement fore each foster child placed in your home.

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