It’s no secret that The Mandalorian, a Disney Plus original series, has caught the attention of mainstream audiences. The show follows the adventures of a tough warrior character who chooses the unlikely path of caring for a small, seemingly helpless creature. Both die-hard Star Wars fans and viewers new to the fandom seem to be equally entranced with the series.

But what is it, exactly, that has drawn so many of us to this story? There are a few key elements that pull on our heart strings and keep us intrigued. First, we can all admittedly give credit to the sheer cuteness factor of “baby Yoda” (that almost goes without saying). But I don’t think merely an adorable creature would keep our attention for more than a few episodes.

In fact, there’s something much deeper that audiences are connecting with: it’s the heart of foster care and adoption. This beautiful idea that someone who is not a parent by means of biology would take it upon themselves to look after a young, innocent child. Something inside of us connects to this idea and we are moved by the unexpected, compassionate nature of it. The moment we realize this bounty hunter has chosen to protect the very thing he was hired to capture, the story becomes something much bigger than science fiction. The Mandalorian explores the daring choice to love and protect what the world tells us we have no business loving and protecting.

Now, you may be thinking this is a stretch. Indeed, this is quite an unorthodox depiction of what it means to be a foster parent. But, much like the show’s main character, foster parents face many unknowns throughout their journey. Although, instead of worrying about imperial officers hunting them down, foster parents in this universe have a few different concerns. They wonder how long a child will be placed with them, if their biological children will get along with their new sibling, or if they’ll be able to have a positive impact on the placed child.

The willingness to navigate through a multitude of uncertainty for the sake of a child is the common ground beneath it all. Just as the Mandalorian goes to great lengths to ensure the child’s safety and quality of life, foster parents do the same. It may not be the easiest, most convenient choice at times, but it’s definitely a heroic one.


Interested in learning more about foster care? Visit our FAQ page or get specific questions answered by contacting us directly.

Our Koinonia staff would be glad to answer your questions about the process. We understand it’s a big commitment, which is why we’re committed to walking through the process with our parents, every step of the way.


Jasmyne Newman, Contributor

Jasmyne is a Marketing Coordinator at Koinonia’s Corporate Office in Loomis, California. She is passionate about pursuing health in all areas of life: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Her favorite thing about working at Koinonia is the opportunity to use her writing skills and support such a worthwhile mission.

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