Ways You Can Support Koinonia
Thanks to Our Donors

Thank you to all who contributed – your generosity makes our mission possible and has a dramatic impact on the lives of vulnerable children. We deeply appreciate your kindness and support.

Donor List:
Abate, Lorraine
Abrahamson, Glenn
Ackley, Mark and Tara
Adkins, Chuck
Aho, Ryan
Alpert, Jennifer
Amazon.Com, Inc.
Andersen, Vicki L
Anderson, Lucille
Angels in the Alley

Anzalone, Kaera
Apex Appraisal Service, Inc.
Archtek, Inc.
Arnold, Deborah
Ashmore, Alycia
Assistance League
AT&T-United Way
Auwinger, Holly
AZPAC-Match PRogram
Banning, Earl
Bank of America
Baumer, Karen
Benson, James
Berg Marketing Group, Inc.
Berry Fresh
Biletnikoff Foundation
Binon, Dr. Paul and Mrs. Susan
Biofilm, Inc.
Bixby, James
Blankenship, Terri
Blue Book Services, Inc.
Bluemel, Phil and Sharon
Bokman, Michelle
Botti, Thomas and Amanda
Bowling, T A and Nadine
Bryant, Jeff and Sarah
Burnor, Linda
Butts, Charlie and Alanna
C.M.C & Associates
California Cartage Company LLC
Camara, Leilani
Cangiamilla, Matthew
Carey, Rosemarie M.
Carnahan, Kathleen Summer
Casa Herbalife
Celebration Community Fellowship
Challberg, Shelby
Change A Life Foundation
Cho, Louise H
Churchill, Eric or Aimee
Clifford, Doug
Coburn, John and Theresa
Combs Norcal STS
Community Clean Sweep
Connolly, Robin and Michael
Corell, Michael
Costea, Stefan
Creative Surroundings Real Estate
Cross, Angelica
Cummings, Christy and Eric

Dakin, Ashlee
Dap World, Inc.
Davidson, Paula
Davis-Girard & Associates, Inc.
De La Rosa, Jani
Del Rey Hills Church
Dennis, Krystal
Donlon, Rusty J
Dragulescu, Mihai and Heather
Dunkle, Andrew and Kathy Compratt
Dunlap, Victoria
Edwards, Christina
Ekpo, Elizabeth
El Dorado Community Foundation
Ellis, Noah and Michelle
Elstramd, Davod
Emerson, Dave
Enochian, Elia
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Evdokimo, Sheryl
Evoke Fitness
Faber, Troy

Fernandez, Erica
Fidelity Charitable
Fjelstad, Josh
Fortier, Sally
Franse, Ted
Galbraith, Glenn and Birgitt

Garcia-Franklin, Carmen
Garman, Jacquelyn J.
Giannotti, Kenneth and Susan
Gillespie, John and Maureen
Goecke, Jeffrey and Kathleen
Golden, Samuel E
Golden, Samuel and Zoila
Goodheart, Katherine
Gore, Bonnie or Robert
Gore, William or Kathy
Granite Construction Company
Guillome, David
Guise & Associates, Inc.
Gulfstream Aero Corp. (GA)
Haines, David and Audrey
Hamel, Steve
Hamilton, Tim and Cathy

Hanaway, Tammy
Heath, Aeron
Heffernan Group Foundation
Heiland, Brian
Her, Vang
Herbalife Family Foundation
Herman, Irwin
Herrera, Charles or Sharon Perry-Herr
Herring, Mark and Julie
Hladun, Jennifer
Hoem, Richard and Ingrid
Hollingsworth, Tara
Hoover, Brad and Kathleen
Horton, Kew
Howlett, James or Valerie
Hrimnak-Hunt, Carol
Huber, Al and Patricia
In N Out Burger
Indoor Environmental Services
Inman, Bruce
I-Tul Design & Software, Inc.
J & K Fresh LLC
J & K Fresh LLC
JDC Barnes, Inc.
Jekyll & Hyde Advertising & Marketing
JK Sales
Johnson, Trina
Johnson, Walter and Kathleen
Kaiser Foundation
Kapus, Robert
Kent, Jennifer
Kilarski, Michael and Susan
Kniep, John and Sandra
Landon, Christopher

Landon, Shanti
Le, Viet
Lincoln Community Foundation Corp
Lind, Thomas
Lo Duca, Marcus
Local Independent Charities of America
Loder Construction, Inc.
Loeffler, Matt
Louros, Ronnie
Lucero, Larry
Lutheran Church of the Resurrection
Majestic Drug Co., Inc.
Marks, William
Martin, Jorge
Martinelli, John and Sabrina

Martinez, Jennifer
Math, TJ and Donna
Math-Quintal, Kamron K
Mc Cown, Virginia
McCauslin, Bettina
McCoy, Jerry and Dorian
McFarland, Lynn
Millar, Elaina
Miller, Janina
Modesto Covenant Church
MOM Enterprises
Monache Meadows AG
Montgomery-Jullien Family Trust

Moore, Joey
Morgan, Patricia
My Specialty Cakes
Nash, Kenneth
Naturipe Berry Growers
Nebel, Stephen
Nethaway, Cary and Melinda
Nevada County Tapestry
Newman, Samuel and Summer

Newman, Cara
Nixie, Inc.
Nosler, Cary
Olewiler, James and Amy
Ono, Frank
Osterhout, Clark and Janet
OTT Marketing-West, Inc
Parker, Edward
Parulekar, Shashank
Pasciuti, Doc
Pech, Brian and Betty
Pechanga Casino
Perry, Thomas and Mary
Peterson, Carol
Pine Creek Care Center
Pinon, Daniel and Sandra
Placer Community Foundation
Pluckebaum, William and Joyce

Pusawong, Donny
Rabe’, Sean and Mayra
Raddigan, Jared S
Reese, Ana
Reynolds, Erik and Patricia
Richardson, Laura
Richardson, Michelle D
Richardson, William and Laura
Ridge Capital, Inc.
Riley, CPA, Richard
Robinson, Donald A J
Rock of Roseville
ROV Enterprises, Inc.
RSA-Retail Sales Alliance

Runner, Sandy
Ryland, William and Camilla
Ryoo, Yooli
Sabra, Jenice for Adriana Williams
SAFCO of America, LLC
Saint Mark’s Anglican Church
Save Mart Supermarkets
Schmidt, Martin and Susan
Schmidt, Teri
Shaw, Jennifer Brown
Shen, Anthony or Jennifer
Shen, Jennifer and Tony
S.I.A. Sierra Nevada Region
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Silvers HR, LLC
Simpluris, Inc.
Sisneroz, Vicki
Sleep Train
Smart & Final Charitable Foundation
Smith, David
Sobon, David
Sollazzo, Michael
Soroptimist Intl of Lincoln
Spann, William and Deena
Stanley, Shirleyann
Stansberry, Amber
Stone, Erin
Strait, Erik
Stroup, James and Jennifer
Stubbs, Sara
Ten-Napel, Teri
Tester, Bill
The Forms Outlet, Inc.
The Great Oz, Inc.
The Keffer Foundation
The Little Onion
The Oakland Raiders
Thomas, Bob
Thompson, Brian and Kyra
Thyberg, Peter
Tice, Allan Construction
Ticket to Dream Foundation
Todd, D and Deanna
Tower, Eric
Tracey’s Place of Hope
Troung, Hector
Trujillo, Carla
Twin Cities Church
U.S. Expeditors
Ulmer, Lance
United Way California Capital Region
United Way’s Women in Philanthropy
University of California
University of Georgia
Valley Spokesmen Touring Club
Vardara, Phillip
Waddell, John & Co. CPA’s
Wade, David
Wait, Misael
Walker, Molly and Lucas Moosman
Watters, Colleen
Wells Fargo Community Support
Wescom Credit Union
Wesselman, Mark and Joyce
West, Amber
Western Engineering
Westside Industrial Development

White, Heidi
Williams, Jon Scott
Willis, Therese
Wood, Glenn
Woodruff, Wayne and Janna
YourCause, LLC
Zondervan, Danny and Monica

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