Employee Benefits

Group Health Plan*
Koinonia offers a very competitive group health plan at little cost to most of its full-time employees and their eligible dependents. Employee’s make applicable plan co-pays and contribute a small percentage towards their medical and dental premiums.

Koinonia’s employees in California are covered through an HMO plan provided by Blue Shield of California via their Access + and TRIO plans or Kaiser Permanente. The plan features low cost office co-pays, as well as low cost co-pays for generic and brand drugs. A co-insurance cost may apply to some elective or non-covered procedures. Our Nevada employees are covered by Blue Shield PPO. This PPO plan features a 90/10 “in-network” benefit and a 70/30 “out-of-network” benefit. This plan similarly offers low cost co-pays for office visits, as well as generic and brand prescriptions. There is a slightly higher co-pay for non-formulary prescriptions. An annual deductible and certain low co-insurance costs apply to the Blue Shield PPO plan. Contact the Human Resources Department for a complete summary plan description.

Koinonia offers a standard PPO dental plan (100%-80%-60%) for employees and their eligible dependents through the Blue Shield PPO dental plan. The plan includes a $2,000 orthodontic benefit.

Vision coverage is included in the Kaiser medical plan with no co-pay for covered exams and frame and lens allowances every 24 months. Employees enrolling in Blue Shield HMO and PPO group medical plans should also enroll in EyeMed vision since the Blue Shield medical plans do not currently offer vision coverage. Vision coverage through EyeMed  includes a comprehensive vision exam every 12 months with an In-Network co-pay of just $10, and then an allowance towards standard frames and lenses or contacts every 12 months.

A chiropractic benefit is offered to employees and their eligible dependents through American Specialty Health. The plan features 30 visits per year for the HMO plan and 12 visits per year for the Blue Shield PPO plan, with a low cost co-pay per visit. Medical necessity may be required for services to be covered.

Behavioral Health
Behavioral health coverage is included in the group medical plans listed above. Outpatient-counseling services include up to 30 visits per calendar year, with low cost co-pays per visit.

401(k) Retirement Plan
Koinonia offers a 401(k) retirement plan to its employees through American United Life. The plan has some excellent funds to choose from, including funds from American Century, Fidelity, BlackRock and more! Employees can make voluntary contributions to the plan on the first day of the month following the date they are hired, and after one year of service (and working 1,000 hours), employees become eligible for discretionary company matching contributions. The plan features a “5 year step vest,” where employees are vested in the plan 20% per year over 5 years. Employees always own 100% of their voluntary contributions, but company matching contributions are owned as per the vesting schedule.

Paid Time Off
Koinonia offers an attractive time-off benefit called paid time off (PTO). PTO can be used for vacation leave, sick leave, or any other planned or unplanned absence. Employees accrue a certain amount of PTO each pay period based on their years of service. Employees can earn from 12 to 27 days of PTO per year depending upon their length of service.

Paid Holidays
Koinonia offers 12 paid holidays per year to most of its full-time employees. Koinonia also observes half-day work schedules the day before Thanksgiving and the day before New Year’s Day. For some employees who work in programs that must serve clients on company recognized holidays, the company offers a holiday pay premium for employees who work on those days.

Life Insurance
Koinonia offers a $50,000 life insurance benefit to its full-time, Division I employees. The benefit is provided through Hartford Life and includes Accidental Death & Dismemberment, ADD coverage. It is currently 100% Employer Paid.

Intern Supervision
For those who are interested in pursuing MFT or LCSW licensure, Koinonia offers a program to assist qualifying employees with obtaining some of the “supervised hours” that are necessary for licensure. The availability of the program is contingent upon several factors, including the availability of qualified staff or licensed contractors to provide supervision, and the availability of funding for the program. Koinonia does not guarantee minimum hours for each experience category, but generally provides a limited amount of units toward one-on-one and group supervision. Employees are responsible for application, exam and license fees. Please ask at the time you apply for details about the availability of the program.

Mileage Reimbursement
Employees receive a mileage reimbursement when they use their personal vehicle for company business.

*This is a summary only, and is not intended to include all pertinent plan information, including limitations and restrictions. Prospective employees may request summary plan descriptions for complete plan details.