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In addition to the education and experience requirements that accompany each respective position, federal or state law imposes additional requirements for most positions in organizations such as Koinonia. The following is a list of those additional requirements.

Criminal Background Check
A criminal background check is required of all prospective employees. The check is conducted by the California Department of Justice in conjunction with the FBI. Any criminal history that calls into question one’s suitability to work with children will disqualify an applicant from employment.

Child Abuse Central Index (CACI)
In addition to checking a prospective employee’s criminal history, a check is made to determine if the individual is identified as a suspect in any child abuse investigative report indexed in the CACI.

Reference Checks
Reference checks are conducted on all prospective employees, and individuals must possess the requisite character qualities to work with children.

Health Screening
A health screen is required to ensure prospective employees can complete the essential functions of their respective positions, and that their current health status does not present a danger to children. A test for TB is included in the health screening.

Employment Eligibility Information
All prospective employees must present certain documents which evidence identity and employment eligibility. To be eligible for employment, individuals must be a U.S. citizen or authorized to work in the United States.

Verification of Educational Degrees
Some positions have educational degree requirements. In such cases, a copy of the individual’s diploma must be submitted. When requested, transcripts verifying educational degrees must be ordered by the prospective employee from their education institution and sent directly to Koinonia’s Human Resources Department.

Valid Driver’s License
Prospective employees whose positions require them to drive will be asked to present proof of a valid driver’s license and a printout of their driving record obtained from the DMV.

Proof of Vehicle Insurance
At the time of hire, and then at regular renewal intervals thereafter, employees who are required to drive in their positions must provide proof of valid vehicle liability insurance as required by California law.

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