California Adoption Program

Finding permanent homes for children in the foster care system is one of our highest priorities. Seeing the need in 2002, Koinonia applied for a California adoption license and in 2005 Koinonia was licensed to offer adoption services in many large counties throughout the State of California. Since that time, we have partnered with the counties to give foster children permanent homes. We have assisted in adoptions with our Koinonia agency homes, other agency homes, and county homes. By working with as many organizations as possible we hope to increase the adoption rate for the foster care children who need it most.

Koinonia adoption workers support the families throughout the adoption process. We evaluate and work with families to help them truly understand what it means to adopt and to help them become the best possible parents. There are many steps in the adoption process and the agency gives clear, realistic guidelines in order to minimize unexpected surprises for each of the families going through the adoption process.

Our master level adoption workers evaluate families with the child’s well being always as our top priority. We use the S.A.F.E. home study methodology and complete a thorough home study evaluation to ensure the highest success rate for our adoption placements. While adoption is a great solution for a child, we feel the child’s needs must always be put above all else. Our evaluation is based on facts and evidence, with every potential issue followed up with thorough investigation. Our ultimate goal is to match children with families and change both of their lives for the better.

Koinonia has partnered and become licensed with most counties in California. Currently however, there are some counties we do not have a formal relationship established with. Please contact Koinonia Adoption Services to learn more about our services and the counties we currently serve.

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