Crisis Resolution Center

Koinonia Homes for Teens and the County of Placer are collaborating in a team effort to offer Placer County residents the family resources of the Crisis Resolution Center (CRC). Since 2002, the Crisis Resolution Center program has provided solution-focused, trauma informed, and person focus family intervention; which resolves family crises and establishes reunification of children ages 12-17 with their families.

The Crisis Resolution Center, located in Loomis, California, is a six-bed (co-ed) facility with counseling services, fully licensed and professionally staffed to provide out-client family services and short-term residential care. Our staff is composed of well-trained child care workers and a CRC Case Manager, who provides quality relationship counseling, conflict resolution, parent-child training and professional referral services. Young people at the Crisis Resolution Center experience a stable, well-supervised schedule of events.

Services are designed to empower families to become proactive and creative problem solvers. Bringing real hope to Placer County caregivers and teenagers in crisis, relational conflict resolution and creative intervention remains the unwavering mission of the Crisis Resolution Center.

24-Hour-a-Day Support Hot Line: (866) 251-7584

Out-Client Crisis Counseling Services

  • Individual Teen Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Parent Education Resources
  • Referral Source to Support Services
  • Post Crisis Follow-up Counseling

Short-term Residential Services

Phase One: Orientation and Crisis De-escalation
During this phase, youth remain at the CRC under staff supervision, giving the family necessary time to de-escalate and recover from the initial crisis. Careful behavioral evaluations are made and admitted youth are instructed in the expectations, schedules and activities of the facility. After the youth is successfully de-escalated, counseling begins with meetings between CRC social workers, parents or caregivers and their child.

Phase Two: Counseling and Outreach
Resolving the family crisis and related issues that led to the youth’s placement is the goal of phase two. Emphasis is placed upon providing parents, legal guardians and their teenagers with the necessary life skills needed to resolve the crisis and re-unify the youth with their family.

Phase Three: Reunification and Aftercare
The development of a successful reunification plan will occur during this phase with all family members, identifying roles and responsibilities of all parties involved. The focus will be on assisting the families in developing a plan which outlines each member’s responsibility in maintaining successful reunification, as well as plan accountability. If necessary, recommendations are given for additional community and county-based services.

By the use of technology and true collaboration the CRC has become an important part in keeping at risk youth and families “out of the system.” Each County entity and the CRC staff work together to create an individual plan for each youth and family with proven successful results.

The Crisis Resolution Center provides a toll-free 24-hour telephone number (available to teens and family members residing in Placer County only) for referrals, personal support, advice and counsel to teens and parents/caregivers/guardians in crisis.

If you would like more information or are interested in having a CRC in your community contact us here or call 866-251-7584

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