Child Advocacy

It is at the core of Koinonia’s mission to ensure that ‘placed children’ receive the love, care and services needed to significantly improve their lives.

Great care and attention is taken to ensure that children receive the most positive outcomes possible – many reuniting with a healed family, or adopted into a new loving family.

Partnering with State and County

Through its partnerships with state and county child welfare representatives, Koinonia is uniquely situated to represent the interests and rights of children and young people at the policy level. Since 1982, Koinonia has been instrumental in shaping regulatory reforms and legislation that have improved the lives of children and young people in the foster care system, including those who age-out of foster care.

Koinonia  partners with a coalition of more than 125 children’s service agencies to promote child advocacy in California for at-risk youth. This large coalition has given a significant voice to children to help shape policy in the child welfare system that so greatly impacts their lives.

Koinonia’s goal is to assist each child, youth and non-minor dependent develop increased self-worth and self-reliance, while building an awareness of their individual strengths, needs and values.

Corporate Office Phone: (916) 652-5802

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